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I think the celebration of Christmas in Japan is slightly different with the celebration of Christmas in other countries. If the Christian community rejoiced with family and friends in the church, most of the Japanese people rejoiced looking for a dating partner.
"If it were not for Christmas, I might not be dressed like this to find a girlfriend," Akino said Koshiba. Yes, Akino beautify themselves busy in recent days. Like most Japanese people who are still single, she felt a little nervous because in Japan, as there is an unwritten law that you have to go on a date with someone at, Christmas in Japan as the second valentin in Japan.
"Wherever I go, everyone seemed to remind me that I have not had a girlfriend," Tomohito said Shimazu, a student in Tokyo. In Japan, Christmas is not a national holiday let alone a religious holiday, despite that almost everyone come celebrate. Whether it is sightseeing, meals, or exchanging gifts, which is important to be with her boyfriend like valentin day. "Until now the author of this blog does not have a date and still looking T_T kawaiso"
Christmas celebrations are treated the same as the day valentin started in the era of 1980-1990an where the young adult to easily obtain high-paying jobs. Enterprises and local business is growing rapidly with the influx of western influence.
The young adult began to like to indulge themselves and their partners by eating at fancy restaurants and giving gifts are branded expensive. But now, all the luxuries it has been reduced because the Japanese economy is being weakened. A survey of people aged 20-30s single year conducted by Macromill in Tokyo showed that 39% of them are planning to celebrate Christmas in a fancy restaurant, but 32% chose to celebrate it at home. "May be the current economic upturn Jepan is improving. "
Whether it's eating KFC or strawberry cake, two types of food are required at Christmas.

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