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A group of Nepalese living in a city north of Tokyo have gathered to mourn the victims of the earthquake that hit their country a week ago.
In Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, about 70 Nepalese gathered in a park on Sunday evening. After a silent prayer, they lit about 200 candles that formed an outline of their country.
The participants donated money to help survivors in Nepal.

A 32-year-old man said he wants the money to be used to provide food and water to the survivors. He said he wants to see Nepal rise from the destruction as Japan has done with people working together.
One of the organizers said that survivors are suffering because they lack food.
The group is planning to hold a charity fundraising event in Tochigi city on May 23rd.

Many survivors of the recent major earthquake in Nepal are believed to be stranded in mountainous areas with serious injuries.

The quake struck on April 25th. More than 7,100 deaths have been confirmed in Nepal and neighboring countries. The number of injured has topped 14,000 in Nepal alone.

The Nepalese authorities are moving seriously injured survivors from mountainous areas to hospitals in cities by using helicopters and other methods.
The country's neighbor, India, and other nations are helping with the transfers.
About 30 seriously injured people were brought to a hospital in the capital Kathmandu at the weekend. They included a 79-year-old man with spine and leg injuries.
The patients received treatment in tents.
A doctor at the hospital says many people were seriously injured in the quake but they couldn't get treatment for days. The hospital performed more than 30 operations on Sunday alone.
The doctor says the hospital sent its own medical team to mountainous regions and transported the seriously injured to Kathmandu by car.
But the doctor adds that this is just the tip of the iceberg and injured people urgently need to be moved to medical facilities for treatment.

I just read this news on NHK word about the earthquake in Nepal, I'm condolence for the occurrence of disasters in Nepal, which reads arikel I hope to contribute whether it be money, food and beverage, clothes, might be able to alleviate the suffering of the people of Nepal. I'm sorry if there was a mistake the words I type or offended anyone with my words.
If you willing to donate to nepal please find a trusted donation

Note: If there are asking for donations in the name of this blog, it is definitely scams because this blog has never asked for donations to the disaster in nepal. thank you for visiting this blog.

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Source: (NHK word)

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