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A-chan : Geisha sorewa nandesuka, tabemono deusuka =_=?
B-chan : Tabemono janai!! huuuf >.<
A-chan : Ja, Geishawa nandeuska?
B-chan : Geisha wa na, that often appears on TV, the Geisha is meant here is powder-faced Japanese woman who sang and danced "ダ ン ス" in front of "の 前 に" guests while wearing a kimono "着 物". But if you often hear the word geisha and only to the extent that you know "詳 し く は", it is time to deepen the "深 め ま す" horizons of true geisha.

The term "Geisha" is taken from "か ら" kanji "gei" which means "art" and "sha" meaning "doer" or "person". They "彼 ら" is an artist entertainer "芸 能人" which in addition to traditional Japanese dance "ダ ン ス", also sang "歌 い ま す "classic songs, play traditional instruments, and perform many other attractions for guests. The act it is the women"女性 "single flawless in the age of adolescence"
少年 "to senior citizens, and although generally the play comes" か ら "of Japan, there are now western women who take" 取 り ま す "Geisha role.

As you know "あ な た が 知 っ て い る よ う に", women "女" who want transformed into "に な り ま す" geisha must be dressed in a way that raises the image of a geisha, and usually they have to be trained for a year before becoming the real geisha. Well, they "彼 ら" new "新 し い も の" beginners usually dubbed "Maiko ま い こ". They then display the talent "タ レ ン ト" them in various places "場所", ranging from "場所" spa, restaurants, hotels, and homes Geisha. Apart from all that, they have to keep practicing "練習" every day for more "ま す ま す" improve.

In the 20th century this Geisha is "確 か に" somewhat rare, but Geisha was popular "" に ん き in the 18th century and 19. Often hear the term "country girls"? Well, that is similar to this one. The term "geisha girl 田 舎 娘" never became the nickname for the cast Geisha. But make no mistake! This designation is used during the US occupation in Japan, and in fact the connotation of prostitution. In China, the word used is "yi ji", the pronunciation "ji" much like the kanji that means prostitution.

Loh, why "な ぜ" so? Because Geisha has an image as a "誰 か の よ う に" 'waiter ウ ェ イ タ ー' for their work "仕事". It is they who serve and entertain "楽 し ま せ る" guest - a man in this context - so they got a nickname like that. In the colonial period the United States, there are some Geisha in Japan that serve the guests by pouring alcohol "さ け" into his glass, and although there are still nailed to the performing arts alone, there is also providing s*x services.Note that "そ の" meaning "意味" real and Geisha goal is not as "と い っ た" it. But in the end, offer relationship "関係" s*x and the use of the nickname was reduced over time "時間 と と も に", so that now the term Geisha has been known as an art in itself. 
A-chan : ooooh...^_^
B-chan : mo wakatta ka
A-chan : hai.. desu, arigato ^_^ 

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